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Thank you for visiting Ausome Wonder! Just an intro about myself – I am a mom to a nonverbal, six year old autistic boy and also an eight year old with sensory issues. I’m married to a wonderful husband and we live in the DC Metro area.

I started this website to raise autism awareness. We are just a few years into our journey and have received so much community support. Whether family, friends or support groups we have been really blessed. That’s not to say our challenges have diminished. But it’s always nice to know you’re not alone!

I’m a graphic designer by background and I love stationery and pattern design. I started the Ausome Wonder store with a number of t-shirt designs, and soon will be rolling out a line of greeting cards and stickers soon.

You might wonder – do these shirts actually raise autism awareness? I wasn’t sure until I wore one myself. I designed one that says “Autism Mom” and has a pretty feathers motif. I placed an order with a printing company, then I tried wearing it out in public.

Feathers Autism Mom Shirt

I felt anxious about wearing the shirt. What would people think? What would people say? Would their response be negative? What if they verbally attack us?

Thankfully people’s reactions were quite the opposite. Other autism parents struck up conversations with me, people I otherwise would have never met. I don’t feel the cold stares when my son has a meltdown in public, people can better understand our situation and extend us some grace.

It’s been a positive experience and inspired me to create more designs. And I know most of my designs are girly, I tend to favor the trendy, whimsical and cute. And the confrontational when I’m in one of those moods. Down the road I will create more “manly” designs, promise!

P.S. Connect with us on social media, I find Instagram more community-oriented and share more there. We also post to Facebook, so if you follow us on either one or both we can stay in touch.

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